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another trip around the sun

I was watching my favorite channel, The Western Channel, for my back to back late afternoon fix of first Gunsmoke, then Bonanza. My favorite Gunsmoke shows are the ones with Festus Hagan, an erasible, but lovable  hillbilly.

Festus was conversing with a friend who mentioned it was her birthday and asked Festus when his birthday was. Festus said he had no idea, as his family never celebrated such events. He said this.

                               ” You were just borned…and then you just lived.” Festus Hagan

Ah, the wisdom of Festus.

I considered the simplicity of this as well as what celebrated events birthdays are in our modern lives. October is such a big birthday month for so many people I know and love. Four dear friends, my son, brother, father and niece . My son was born on my brother’s birthday – a double birthday hit. I start making sure cards and gifts are organized by the end of September to make sure it all happens on time. If you grew up in a family that celebrated your special day, as I did, it seems important to mark that person’s entry into life and make note to both them and you that you are glad they are here.

Now long distances in miles and in some cases a loved one’s passing, keep me from celebrating in person with any of these special folks.

So I send them all this modern technology birthday cake and wish them again, another trip around the sun…till next year.

And oh yes, as Festus would say… JUST LIVE!


Happy Birthday Dalai Lama!

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Yesterday was the Dalai Lama’s 78th birthday. I love the Dalai Lama. I love the baby Jesus too. And Buddha as well. I mean, what’s not to love?

It wasn’t always that way for me. Religion was so damn confusing to me as a child. Being raised Roman Catholic had lots of rules, but it narrowed down to one basic rule … having faith. No matter what confusing question I posed to the nuns at Sunday school, the pat answer to all the mysteries in my life was always answered with…have faith. This answer was very unsatisfying to me. I was looking for some real answers. Why are all those children in Africa starving? Why did my dog have to get run over by a car? Where is that pony I prayed for every year? Then as I got older – what’s the deal with that Vietnam War? Why are so many people dying of cancer? Why did my friend commit suicide? The world’s problems kept getting bigger and more out of control. I heard no good answers, and faith  certainly wasn’t cutting it. I was a fallen Catholic.

The road back to any kind of faith came after a 3 year experience with the Unitarian Universalist Church. The first year I attended happened to center around the teachings of world religions. Each service was a different speaker, about a different country and its’ religion, and the after service refreshments were pot luck donations of food that featured the culinary experience of that country. And as the adults were upstairs at the service, the children were downstairs learning about customs and geography and beliefs of the children of those different worlds and world religions. Gosh it was eye opening. Suddenly the commonalities of world religions started coming together for me and I began to get my own sense of how religion could work for me.

                                I learned it’s better to believe too much than nothing at all. 

And the best thing I learned, was in the beautiful words of Vincent Van Gogh – “But I always think the best way to know God is to love many things.” I think the Dalai Lama would like that birthday wish. Love many things.

Anyway, don’t get all worried about religion, having one, following rules … we all find our way if we have an open heart. So go get your own glimpse of God. Because the only possible spiritual path is your own experience.



(photo detail from FORSAKEN , canvas collage by Catherine Massaro)





Made in the U S A!

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I am geographically blessed. I was made in the USA …how about you?

Happy Birthday America!

( photo by Catherine Massaro)

Taurus Time

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TAURUS (April 20- May 20)

Take a deep breath and a sigh of relief. The sun and ruler Venus have left your solar 12th house of gestation and moved into the first house of rebirth. As planets align, put your best foot forward. As you initiate a fresh , personal solar year, remember you are also in the first phase of a 12-year recurring year Jupiter cycle of expansion and growth. Explore and discover .


This is my horoscope for the month of May. I just celebrated my  59th year  of rambling around our planet. So far so good. And I’m excited about this horoscope as it highlights two subjects I am very fond of – exploring and discovering. The rebirth part is particularly exciting for me and it looks like I’ve got a running start on what appears to be a 12 year cycle of expansion and growth.

If I think about all the things I want to do in whatever time is left, it’s sad to realize I’ll never get to it all. I have wished for alot of things in my life, and learned from the old adage – be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

I laugh when I hear young people talking about their ‘bucket lists’. You can’t have a bucket list if you are young. Young people  should have ‘wish lists’. Bucket lists are for people at least half way through life. That means 50 plus, after you have had a chance to make mistakes, have some real life adventures, discover some truths through experience and seen how time passes. My sister sent me a collapsible canvas bucket that has it’s own carrying case for my birthday. I’ve decided to prop it up in the corner of my room and toss articles on exotic travel, pictures of ridiculous things that would be fun to have that I will never bother buying, and any other random fantasy idea that comes along.  Maybe I’ll get to it, maybe I won’t. An official bucket list container. The real deal. I think this is a great idea for a birthday gift . Again, only for the 50 and older set.

The rest of you … get a wish bone!